FAQs about going to Chile

Why Chile?

I want to completely immerse myself in a Spanish-speaking country. I’m half Mexican, but never learned Spanish growing up. I considered heading to Mexico or Argentina, but Chile came through with a program that I liked, and it felt like the right choice.

However, leaving behind my group of friends, a job, my family, and the Bay Area was not an easy decision.

So…What am I doing?

Teaching English through government’s English Opens Doors.

The program is run by the Chilean Ministry of Education, with support from UN Development Program. The goal is to make English language learning more accessible to all of Chile’s communities.

I’ll either be in a public or semi-private school, teaching alongside a local Chilean teacher. I’ll be teaching different levels, ranging from grade 5 through high school seniors.

Where am I living? 

I’ll be living right above Puerto Montt on the map, in Regíon de Los Ríos. I’ll be living with a host family. I won’t meet them or find out the exact town or school I’m teaching in until I arrive for orientation in Santiago.

How long am I staying? 

Good question. My contract is officially up in July, but I plan on renewing this. (You can for up to a year.) My goal is to stay in Chile until I learn Spanish, however long that takes. We’ll see what happens!

More on Chile:

•President: Sebastian Piñera

•Population: 16 million (Over 2/3 live around the capital, Santiago.)

•Over 620 volcanos.

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