Who Inspired Me To Travel

It’s interesting to stop and think about what initially sparked the desire to travel often. Was it a semester abroad? Childhood travels? A book?

For me, it is my dad: The person who introduced me to language barriers and foreign roads. Taking our family on work trips when I was a kid, we went off-the-beaten track as much as possible, staying in remote villages in Liechtenstein and finding tiny restaurants along the Costa Brava.

I remember our rental car pulling up to a small farm house in Peratallada, Spain, and wondering “How does he FIND these places? Does he just Google ‘farthest town from nearest road’?'”

The woman who ran this little farm guest house was named Daniella. She didn’t speak English, but we didn’t need a common language to communicate, and I’ll always remember her as one of the most hospitable people I’ve met on the road.

It’s in these places my dad took us- the hills of western Ireland or kayaking in the Pacific Northwest, that I learned how to really connect with a place. When I travel now, I find myself looking for those hidden corners, and wanting to learn the stories of the people who live there. Thanks to my dad, these “off-the-beaten-path” experiences have become my foundation. They’ve shaped me into who I am now, and I can only give thanks.

Cheers to the all of the people who inspired us to travel!



5 thoughts on “Who Inspired Me To Travel

  1. I’m currently in the process of getting inspired to travel. A huge part of that is the widely available documentaries on the Discovery Planet (Planet Earth, Human Planet, Frozen Planet, etc.). I still only have a cautious optimism about engaging people I don’t know from other cultures. Sometimes that human need for stability makes it difficult to step out into the unknown.

    Keep it up and thanks for documenting it all so we can live vicariously through you.

    • Hi Eikaiwa,

      Thanks for reading! I am glad it has inspired you. There are many ways to do it, but of course, time and money are people’s biggest concerns. Luckily, there are many different ways to go about it. Check out gooverseas.com for some great tips and articles. (I used to work there.) :) Happy travels!

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